Jang And Geo Offices Attacked Brutally

Jang And Geo Offices Attacked Brutally

Geo and Jang Media Group’s focal workplaces in Karachi were assaulted on Sunday by a fierce horde, irritated over an altered video piece from a TV program that had purportedly harmed their slants, however for which a conciliatory sentiment and explanation had just been given by the media house just as the anchor. 

Nonconformists that had assembled close by got savage and broke a walkthrough entryway introduced at the passageway of the structure, other than the passage entryway. 

Receptionists just as other staff inside the structure were messed up and seats were thrown around, film appeared. 

As per Geo and Jang News Karachi Bureau Chief Faheem Siddiqui, dissidents assaulted the structure “under an intricate plot”. 

He said a dissent had been reported ahead of time however “there were no police officers present” and no move was made under the dissidents when they assaulted. 

The nonconformists were rankled over a video from a Geo News program, the altered rendition of which has turned into a web sensation via web-based media, said Siddiqui. 

“What you see via online media isn’t the means by which it was said on the show,” he said, adding that Geo News had circulated an explanation just as a statement of regret on a similar show. 

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“What stays to be known is who these dissenters are,” he added. 

Anchor Irshad Bhatti from TV program “Khabarnaak” explained that his show is one of parody and parody and “Sindh and Sindhis are important for his way of life just like some other territory.” 

“Women and respectable man, welcome. I wish to state here, that in the last a couple of shows, our siblings from Sindh, where from one perspective showed us a great deal of appreciation and gave us a ton of adoration, on the other, communicated reservations against a sentence or two.


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