Japan smartphone sales are not as big a hurdle anymore?

Japan smartphone

Japan already happens to be attracting the attention of Chinese companies such as Xiaomi. With regards to a lot of uncertainty in Q3 of last year due to a second-wave of the novel coronavirus doing rounds, it has actually gone on to recover from rather dull smartphone sales in Q2. A report coming in from counterpoint research actually says that affordable phones happened to have been the catalyst for such sale figures.

In accordance with what a report has had to say, smartphone unit sales have actually crossed the eight million mark for the very first time in the last year. This is both due to the pandemic as people kept on looking towards the prospect of cheaper and budget phones as well as the fact that the government wasn’t exactly enforcing any strict restrictions. In more precise terms : it has actually gone up to 10% YoY in Q3 when of course compared with Q2’s 24% YoY drop.

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One of the serious contributors to the sales include mid-rangers such as the iPhone SE 2020. Also budget devices such as the Samsung Galaxy A20 also made headlines. Premium smartphones which actually usually get the most attention got overshadowed by the low and mid-range segment courtesy of the coronavirus pandemic. In more specific terms : the iPhone SE 2020 alone actually managed to account for 26% of the total market share in Q3.

In addition to all this, sales in Q3 have also opened new opportunities in the country where the share of sub-$150 smartphones has grown by 14% YoY in Q3 2020 however devices above that of $600 have actually seen a decline of 18%. With respect to market share, Apple has reportedly lost five percent in that regards as a result of the delay in iPhone 12 series launch.


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