Jazz axed of many employees casts doubts over management capabilities

Jazz axed of 100+ employees casts doubts over management capabilities
Jazz axing of Many employees casts doubts over management capabilities

One of the biggest Telecommunication operators in the country is Jazz and after acquiring another notable major operator in the country Warid, together these two have created an amazing network which is there to provide users with an amazing experience. Jazz has created a very good market reputation since they began services in 2017 (after acquiring Warid, together, Mobilink and Warid became Jazz). Jazz axing of 80+ employees casts doubts over management capabilities

Jazz has its sights set on giving users amazing packages, which consist of calls, messages and mobile internet all at reasonable prices or what you would call attractive prices, trying to have a competitive advantage over their competitors. Now although, consumers love a good package at a good price and these benefits are always reaped by the end consumer, that does not mean that the workers are also improving their standards of living at the same time. Sometimes to give consumers a good experience, Jazz has to cut down its costs and that can at often times lead to people losing jobs, in order for the company to make profits some people may have to suffer. Now after a new report has surfaced, it is believed that the major Telecom company have laid off 100 or more employees today. This shows that the company is trying to achieve efficiency and that they are facing problems in maintaining the levels of profit and not to forget the fact that government intervention has also led to some serious hike in prices, Hence the problem. Out of the 100 employees who have been axed it is believed that most of them were from the customers care department and the credit collection department. The customers care department was supervised by a Mr Salman Masood who managed the team. Now it is still unclear that whether this laying off was done because of the team’s incompetency to achieve the said targets given by the Hierarchy or whether Jazz was facing issues with maintaining profits, but we know that Mr Salman and his team faced the highest downturn of the latest termination taken out by Jazz. Both Salman and his team have been laid off, effective immediately.

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It is also worth mentioning here that back in the month of January, it was reported that upwards of 200 employees were also laid off in that month. Now we’re not saying that there is a pattern over here, but it seems Jazz is really starting to face the pressure. 2019 has seemingly been a hard year for the company, back in January the company gave agencies the reason that in order to provide customers with a better experience, such measure were necessary, whether the company has improved services since then is to be judged by the people but seeing as how things are going, Jazz may well be facing some issues and only time will tell whether the termination of contracts was the right way to go or whether the situation could have been dealt with in a better manner. Perhaps a new package or a new service, something innovative. Moreover, we will keep you updated with the latest news on the subject.

Jazz Official Statement

“It is imperative to understand that these decisions are never easy and are taken with extreme care and due diligence. Jazz is continuously evolving and bringing increased automation into many of its processes in line with the global digital shift. The result is that certain positions which were once critical may no longer be needed because of an industry-wide shift. Keeping this in mind, the operating model of the Customer Care Organization will evolve and this, unfortunately, means a reduction of certain roles. Such transitions can be painful and we are committed to treating the affected employees with the utmost respect as they transition to new opportunities” – Spokesperson Jazz.


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