Jazz becomes “Pakistan Ka Tez Tareen aur Behtereen Data Network”

Jazz becomes “Pakistan Ka Tez Tareen aur Behtereen Data Network”

Jazz, Pakistan’s number one digital company, has launched its new identity – ‘Pakistan Ka Tez Tareen aur Behtereen Data Network’ to pursue its promise of a digital Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz said, “14th August is not just a day of reverence to the Pakistani spirit, but a reminder of our resolve to make our nation the greatest. We blaze ahead, empowering the country; city by city, village by village with our revolutionary data network. Our ambition is clear: embolden Pakistanis to challenge and overcome the impossible, open the doors to unbridled opportunities and ultimately success for themselves and Pakistan”.

Digital being the great equalizer, connector and emancipator is the accelerated route to the company’s ambition of a Digital Pakistan that Jazz has consistently been working towards. And now with the acceleration, speed, and velocity of our 3G+4G network, Tez Tareen Daurr is the mindset behind us moving ahead in achieving our dreams,” he further added.

As a customer-obsessed company, Jazz is providing the best possible customer experience to over 53 million Pakistanis as their preferred network. The purchase of additional spectrum with the addition of 4G services and best internet deals will usher the telecom services into a new era which will indeed prove uniqueness of company.

Following the direction of its parent company VEON, Jazz is moving towards becoming a digital telecom company. As part of its business ambitions, acquiring the 4G license and setting up a new direction is a step towards building an enhanced digital eco-system in Pakistan.


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