So this should come as great news to Pakistanis all over the nation as we have just gotten word that Jazz Pakistan has successfully tested 5G services on there network and sources have confirmed this truly outstanding opportunity. So far we do not have much information on this particular story since there’s no detailed announcement by the company or those involved made yet but we now know from sources that the 5G Network from Jazz attained a whooping speed of 1.42Gbps which by far beats the top speed one got from the 4G networks in Pakistan. 

Jazz have just tweeted about this awesome development a few moments ago and they have confirmed the report that indeed a 5G test has taken place however they did not mention anything other than that. It should be noted that Jazz is has been working full time on the data segment and is ideally placed with massive spectrum available to it (reference: it now also owns  Warid’s spectrum now). Sources who are directly aware of the development have told ProPakistani that 5G tests went smooth and were conducted on several devices. Hence ProPakistani have in fact confirmed the news. 

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We will continue to provide you with more details on the matter as we move forward and as we get more details from the company Jazz and those involved, Jazz has issued a statement on the test. CTO, Khalid Shahzad, has been quoted as saying the following , “Speed has been our biggest advantage. I believe that achieving this superior speed in 5G testing clearly demonstrates the technical superiority that Jazz has always maintained. Jazz was independently recognized to have the highest speeds in 4G as well”, said Khalid Shehzad, Chief Technical Officer, Jazz


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