Jazz launches Islam World in spirit of the holy month

Jazz launches Islam World in spirit of the holy month
Jazz launches Islam World in spirit of the holy month

Embracing the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan,Jazz, Pakistan’s digital communications company,has launched an Islamic mobile app called Islam World. This freeapp provides all the necessary Islam content divided in to different categories; Ulema Bayanat, the video “Quran”, Tarawih, Duas, and Ahadees, etc.

Quran is another eye-catching feature of the app,through which you can listen to, recite and learn the Quran either para by para or surah by surah. The Quranic verse being recited is also highlighted visually and supported by both Urdu and English translations for the convenience of users. Moreover, you can track your progress with the help of the integrated bookmarking feature.

TheIslam World app also offers several useful features, including RamzanSehr-o-Iftar, a special time for Ramadan; precise Qibla finder;Tasbih Counter; and a narration of the names of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

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“The idea behind launching Islam World is to offerusers the ability to carry out their religious commitments and nurture their faith via one single source,” said Rizwan Fazal, Head of Marketing at Jazz. “As a digital company, we are always looking for ways to further our robust mobile app environment and Islam World is another example of this approach.”

As a digital organization, Jazz aims to expand its service offerings to provide digital solutions to its subscribers’ requirements.Through theIslam World app, the company looks to offer a single source of Islam teachings and rituals to assist Muslims in practicing their faith during the holy month.

For now the app is only available on Google Play (Android devices) and can be downloaded from the following link: https://tinyurl.com/ycuut72z


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