The state of the art Network Operation Center NOC of Jazz is now operational. Jazz is now on the road to fulfilling its commitment to go fully digital. The company’s operational performance will now be upgraded. This state of the art network operation center will utilize IBM and Dell EMC solutions in order to provide optimal network quality and customers will now be able to experience a unique change in operations. This will also improve the overall quality of the services provided by the network.

Deep Insights straight from the NOC – Network Operations Center

The company’s authorities tell that the customers will be highly satisfied with this new network operation center. The complaint resolution and the support portals will be made quick and better facilities will be provided to the customers.

This latest network operation center comprising of around a staff of 80 people will be able to provide round the clock network surveillance across fault management of more than 7000 3g sites and Real-time performance management. This facility can also provide Change management, Access management and Customer support for Jazz’s fixed and wireless business.

The proactive monitoring and the management of end to end network have been made automatic which will also help in making the customer’s complaints solve quickly and easily. Other customer related services are made better with commitment.

Hassan Ali, the head of NOC said at the inauguration of the center, “ By investing on a world-class NOC, our aim is to build a more efficient and competitive organization, which will provide unparalleled customer experience in today’s fast pace world.”

The JAZZ experience:

Jazz has been providing network services to the customers in Pakistan for many years as the right hand of Mobilink. Jazz has been leading the country’s digital market with the commitment of providing unique and better quality of all kinds of services. Not only the network facility of the main link of 10 MHz, Jazz also launched 3G enabled mobile phones in Pakistan. They don’t only are according to the latest mobile trends, they also come with very low prices. This enables people all financial levels to use the latest technology smartphone. This is a great step in empowering the people of Pakistan, especially youth.

They are also providing a digital economy that is efficient, fast-paced and reliable. These services include Jazz internet, Jazz voice, Jazz cash and Jazz X. The Jazz Wi-Fi is one of the fastest internets of Pakistan.

After the merger of Warid and Mobilink, the network is now serving a large segment of around 51 million of the country’s total population. This step towards digitalization can further make Jazz attract a large amount of customers throughout the country that can benefit from the fast and innovative service experience.


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