Jazz Shows Signs That They are Responsible and Ethical Business By Sending Safety Kits To The Homes Of Their Employees

Jazz Safety Kits

So Jazz have really showed how much they care for there employees and how the company is a professional and responsible enterprise in Pakistan. In a bid to assure employee safety after the dreadful coronavirus outbreak, Jazz have sent out safety kits to their workforce as their employees continue to work from there homes. It has been found that each and every Jazz employee has received the care package which contains face masks, hand sanitizers, and instructional pamphlets regarding the disease and preventive measures to help oneself from encountering the said virus. 

In addition, Jazz acquired special permission from the government of Pakistan to distribute the safety kits during the lockdown. Employees were very happy to receive their care packages, with some taking to social media to thank the organization for the caring gesture. The CEO of Jazz, Amir Ibrahim took on Twitter and said that. “We want to make sure that all of our employees, who continue to keep the organization running by working from their homes during virus lockdowns, are safe and fully aware of the dangers that the disease poses,” he further added that “This is just a small token of our care for the entire workforce, he added. We hope and pray that the country and the world wins its fight against the virus soon.”

A very honorable gesture from the board members of Jazz and it goes to show how even though we are distant from one another, people from Pakistan continue to show their support and are united to fight this novid virus to in turn end its reign in Pakistan. This care is not limited to only stay-at-home workers. The organization is making sure that those employees who have to work outdoors, such as at network sites or for complaint resolutions, also follow the most stringent safety protocols. 

Stay at home is the way to combat this virus and we surely hope all of you are staying at home and playing your part to end the outbreak. 


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