Home Pakistan news Jibran Nasir Reappears at Home Hours After Alleged Kidnapping in Karachi

Jibran Nasir Reappears at Home Hours After Alleged Kidnapping in Karachi

Jibran Nasir Reappears at Home Hours After Alleged Kidnapping in Karachi
Jibran Nasir Reappears at Home Hours After Alleged Kidnapping in Karachi

The recent abduction of renowned Pakistani rights activist and lawyer, Jibran Nasir, has sparked widespread concern and demands for immediate action. Jibran Nasir, who is known for his vocal stance against rights violations in Pakistan, was allegedly abducted by unidentified men in the port city. This incident has garnered significant attention and calls for his safe return have echoed across the nation.

Demand for Justice Grows as Nasir’s Wife Shares Details of Abduction

Jibran Nasir’s celebrity wife, Mansha Pasha, provided harrowing details of the incident in a video message. She recounted how they were returning home from dinner when their car was intercepted by a white Vigo, which nearly crashed into them. Around 15 men, dressed in plainclothes and armed with pistols, forcefully took Nasir away. Pasha tearfully appealed to the public, urging them to stand in solidarity and pray for her husband’s safe and early return.

Filing a Police Complaint: Seeking Accountability

Following the traumatic event, Mansha Pasha filed a police complaint, demanding immediate action against the unidentified individuals responsible for her husband’s abduction. The police have been urged to launch a thorough investigation and take prompt measures to secure Nasir’s release.

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Outpouring of Support from Rights Groups and Concerned Individuals

The news of Jibran Nasir’s abduction spread rapidly, drawing condemnation from numerous individuals and rights organizations. The incident has ignited a fervent call for his safe and immediate release. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) expressed its deep concern via a tweet, urging Nasir’s swift recovery and emphasizing the need to hold the abductors accountable under the law. This public support highlights the significance of Nasir’s work and the impact he has made in advocating for human rights.

Nasir’s Stalwart Commitment to Rights and Democracy

Jibran Nasir, aged 36, has been an active participant in the political landscape of Pakistan, having previously contested National Assembly elections from Karachi. His unwavering dedication to promoting and protecting human rights has earned him a reputation as one of the most vocal advocates against rights violations in the country. Nasir’s commitment to democracy and justice has made him a prominent figure in the fight for social change.

Conclusion: Urgency for Action and Solidarity

The alleged abduction of Jibran Nasir has sent shockwaves through Pakistan, prompting widespread concern and demands for immediate action. The support from rights groups, concerned individuals, and Nasir’s wife underscores the urgent need to ensure his safe return. The authorities must launch a swift and thorough investigation, apprehend the culprits, and hold them accountable for their actions. The nation stands in solidarity with Jibran Nasir, awaiting his safe release and reaffirming their unwavering commitment to upholding human rights and justice.


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