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Jimmy Kimmel’s Zoom ID leak leads to strangers joining in the meeting for the Emmy’s after party

After the virtual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony came to an end on Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel came forward with a surprise for fans. The world is currently facing a pandemic-era and in Kimmel’s opinion the only way to hold a after party which is a tradition for celebrities to carry out after any awards show, the after party could only be possible through video conferencing. The platform that was chosen for this purpose was Zoom and after the event formally ended in the evening, Jimmy Kimmel, who was the host of the show, invited his guests to a virtual post-ceremony celebration by unexpectedly dropping a Zoom ID.

After drooping the Zoom ID, many joined in and it wasn’t just the celebrities of TV who joined in the virtual meeting room but also hordes of strangers who rushed to enter on Zoom meeting ID 4599567155. Initially, the Zoom ID required an additional password to gain access to the meeting and some crazy fans were able to manage and guess the right code to enter in to the meeting, while many other fans were unable to join the meeting simply because the number of people maxed out at 100 participants and from there on no one was able to join, not even the big names of the industry. The viewers later posted on Twitter and expressed their excitement over how they gained access to the show and joined the meeting along with some big names of the industry. .

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“Let me tell you the story of my 2 minutes in the #Emmys after party zoom,” said one person who managed to enter. Other, less fortunate fans were left quite disheartened. One user said: “looks like I’m not getting into the sad zoom afterparty #emmys.” While another had this to say: “that zoom key *was* legit, but it reached the max participants already. anyone get in? the password was baba booey #Emmys.”


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