There was no doubt Endgame was going to batter Box Office records and that it did become the second all-time highest grossing movie worldwide just behind Avatar. Their marvel superheroes were sure to leave their fans crying and sad and that’s exactly what happened with Marvel now moving into a new era of superheroes. However, John Wick had other plans when it arrived in cinemas.

The third instalment of the John Wick series with Keanu Reeves as the hitman dragging bodies around and fighting for his life and taking revenge in the meantime was just too good to ignore. The director of the movie, being a stuntman, himself showed off his skills through Keanu who absolutely shined in the movie whether it was on a horse racing against cars or in one v one fights where he was seen showing off his military training that he took especially for the role. Parabellum’, the third instalment of the action franchise, opened well above its predecessors 2014’s ‘John Wick’ ($14.4 million) and 2017’s ‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ ($30.4 million).

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Endgame had gone 3 weeks without being challenged with recent movies not even coming close to the box office praise received by the Marvel movie. It was the fourth week that saw John Wick make incredible earnings and dethrone Endgame in the process.

Parabellum was a major victory for Lionsgate who saw quite a few flops this year with Robin Hood, Hellboy and cold pursuit failing to make any sort of splash at the box office. Just when the company needed him, in comes John wick to save the day!

Endgame on the other hand, has surpassed Avatar in the North American region which earnings of $771 million compared to Avatar’s $761 million, but it still remains to be seen whether Endgame has what it takes to take it over the line and beat Avatar in earnings.

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