Joint military exercises of China Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Task Force and Pakistan Navy have been completed in the Arabian Sea.

Last Saturday, three Chinese Navy warships named Chang Chun, Jing Zhou and Chao Hu arrived on a visit to Pakistan. China Navy Eastern Fleet deputy commander Rear Admiral Shen Hao lead the task force.

Purpose of PLA Navy task group’s visit was to enhance interoperability and maritime collaboration between the two navies.

Both Navies (China and Pakistan) conducted joint military operations in the Arabian Sea at the end of the visit, with the purpose of enhancing the capabilities of joint naval operations between the Navy of both countries.

Both Navies did tactical and onboard drills during the war exercises. Besides that, fast attack demos, air defense, and anti-missile defense demonstrations have also been part of the joint exercises.

Chinese Naval officers and sailors met their Pakistani counterparts during their stay in Karachi and held discussions on mutual interest. On joint interactive sessions and social events were conducted, On Harbor operational training activities.

Chief Naval Staff Admiral Zaka Ullah also visited the Chinese ships, he was warmly welcomed by the Chinese and a contingent of the PLA Navy presented him with a guard of honor.

Rear Admiral Shen Hao, the Mission Commander of Chinese task force,  visited Pakistan Navy training and strategic facilities. He also called upon Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair to discuss matters of mutual corporations.


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