Journalist’s Comments On Sarfaraz Ahmad Becoming Water Boys Invigorates The Internet

Sarfaraz Ahmad Becoming Water Boys

Cricket has seen the absolute most noteworthy players take water for the batsmen in the center when they were not in the playing XI. Ricky Ponting, Virat Kohli, Graeme Smith, and Sir Donald Bradman have all done it, be that as it may, a senior writer, Abdul Majid Bhatti, didn’t care for the way that Sarfaraz Ahmad was approached to do that. 

Sarfaraz Ahmad is currently in the elite company in spite of the way that he doesn’t boast indistinguishable numbers from the legends referenced previously. Welcoming water for a player, by a previous skipper is viewed as a disrespect in a nation like Pakistan when legends have been doing it in the past without anybody questioning. Here is the tweet in question:

@SarfarazA_54 is Pakistan ex captain is bringing shoes and water for Shan Masood. Team management must maintained protocol for the senior players.This is Really unfair, doesn’t show the team spirit. They have so many juniors in the 16 member team.

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Here are some examples of tweets directed towards this topic:

Sarfaraz is now the company of Bradman, Kohli and Ponting.

Don Bradman, Greame Smith, Virat Kohli, R Ponting, MS Dhoni and number of other greats of the game remained waterboy for sake of helping their own teammates. Yahan Sarfaraz Ahmad ne Paani ki Botal kya Pakar li aur Aankhou mei Ansoo aa gye..

Extremely childish Sympathies

For those people who are criticizing on @TheRealPCBMedia to appoint Sarfaraz Ahmad today as helper of team, this picture shows to become water boy for your mates is not cheap work it’s service, and after watch this i think critisizers need to shut their mouth, #PAKvENG


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