Jury reaches verdict: Johnny Depp wins libel trial, Amber Heard partially wins countersuit

Johnny Depp Amber Heard

Johnny Depp was found to be entitled to $10 million in compensatory damages as well as $5 million in punitive damage. However, the judge ruled that punitive damages are limited by state law at $350,000. Depp was awarded $10.35million.

Heard won her partial countersuit partly over comments Depp’s ex-lawyer Adam Waldman made about her abuse allegations. Her jury award was $2 million.

After 13 hours of deliberations, the jury reached a unanimous verdict on Wednesday.

Johnny Depp stated that he was “truly humbled” by the “jury giving me my life back” in a statement to USA Today on Wednesday.

Depp stated that he made the decision to pursue the case after much thought, knowing the extent of the legal obstacles I would face and the potential for a worldwide spectacle. “The goal of this case was to expose the truth from the beginning. It didn’t matter what the outcome would be. My children and all those who supported me have owed me the responsibility of speaking truth to them. It is a relief to know that I am finally able to do this.

“The sadness I feel today is beyond my words. Heard stated in a statement to USA Today, “I’m heartbroken because the mountain of evidence still wasn’t enough to stand up against the disproportionate power and influence of my ex-husband.”

“This verdict is disappointing for women in general.” Heard said that it was a setback. It sets back the clock to a day when women who speak out and were publicly shamed could be humiliated. It reaffirms the notion that violence against women should be taken seriously.

Heard stated that she believes Depp’s lawyers “succeeded in getting the jury overlook the key issue of Freedom of Speech, and ignore evidence so conclusive that they won in the UK.”

“I am sad that this case was lost. She said that she was saddened to lose a right she thought she had as an American, the freedom to speak freely and openly.

Johnny Depp was unable to attend due to work commitments. He watched the event from the U.K.

Heard’s spokesperson stated Wednesday that “Your presence shows what your priorities are.” USA TODAY received an email from Heard on Wednesday. “Depp is enjoying his jokes and lack of seriousness while on tour.”

After six weeks of testimony, the seven-member civil jury began deliberations. A break was made for Memorial Day.

The jury’s decision was quite different from the public debate that has consumed the high-profile proceedings.

Heard outlined details about the abuse she claims she suffered at Depp’s hands in her testimony. Heard has detailed more than a dozen instances in which she claims she was assaulted and abused by Depp.

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Depp denied any sexual or physical abuse and claims that Heard made the claims in order to ruin his reputation. Depp’s online fan base has focused on the belief that Heard is untruthful.

However, the case was itself a defamation suit.

What made Johnny Depp sue Amber Heard for damages?

She claimed she was a victim to domestic abuse in the column.

Although Depp is not mentioned in the article, his lawyers claimed that he was defamed – and the jury agreed. The article focuses on domestic violence policy, with Heard’s lawyers stating that she is entitled to weigh in under the First Amendment.

Depp’s lawyers cited two passages from the article, which they claimed clearly referred to Depp.

Heard stated in the first paragraph that she became a public figure representing domestic violence two years ago and felt the full power of the culture’s wrath. Depp’s lawyers said it was a reference to Depp because Heard had publicly accused Depp in 2016 of domestic violence – two years prior to the article being written.

She stated in a second paragraph that she had “the rare vantage point to see, in real-time, how institutions protect men suspected of abuse.” (Depp’s lawyers also demanded damages for a headline that appeared over the online version of the article. Heard did not write it, but it was tweeted with the article.

Depp’s claim was not the only one that the jury considered. Heard’s counterclaim was also considered. Heard’s lawyers claimed it was filed to seek compensation for Heard’s abuses.

Jury verdict forms asked for the jury’s opinion on whether Depp’s ex-attorney, acting as Depp’s agent, published or made statements about Heard that were false and could have been seen by Heard. The jury had to also decide whether Depp’s lawyer made the statements with actual malice.

Depp and Heard were both accused of domestic abuse.

J. Benjamin Rottenborn, Heard’s lawyer, focused on Depp’s text messages with Heard and other family members to identify patterns in drug and alcohol abuse and how it affected Depp’s relationship and friendship with Heard.

Rottenborn claimed that evidence would prove Depp had physically and sexually assaulted Heard multiple times.

Depp’s reputation was not damaged by the 2018 article, according to the attorney. He pointed out that the abuse allegations had been made public for over two years. Depp’s career spiral was due to his drug and alcohol use, making him a less reliable commodity to Hollywood studios.

Depp and his legal team claimed that he had never struck Ms. Heard in any manner.

Depp testified that he took the stand in order to prove Heard’s claims had “no truth whatsoever” and because he felt a responsibility “stand up for [his children]”, referring to Lily-Rose (22) and Jack (20). He shares his children with Vanessa Paradis, his ex-girlfriend.

Depp claimed that his ex-wife was abusive and that he would have to often “get away” so that nothing escalated.

He said that Ms. Heard would go to extremes, and it ended with his finger being sliced off. He was referring to a 2015 fight where his ex-wife cut the tip of his left thumb after throwing a vodka glass at him.

Heard’s lawyer claimed that Heard caused his severed fingertip.

The testimony of the former couple was supplemented by the testimony of Kate Moss, Ellen Barkin and Christi Depp’s sister, Whitney Heard Henriquez, Christi Depp, Kate Moss, and Ellen Barkin. Additionally, doctors, psychologists, assistants, and other friends spoke out to discuss the relationship between the two.


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