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Justice department finally files lawsuit against Google

While it has been a long time coming, the US Department of Justice has finally proceeded on to file a lawsuit against Google, going on to cite the search engine giant’s long-running dominance in online search and anti-competitive practices with respect to search advertising. To be clear, the focus is there on to the company’s advertising via search and not its entire ad business. For now, there is focus on Google’s anti-competitive behavior which surrounds its search and search advertising. It is also possible then that other offenses could soon follow and hence could be added to the Google antitrust lawsuit at a later date.

Announced at a conference, the DOJ along with 11 US states proceeded on to claim that Google has been unlawfully operating a monopoly in general search and search advertising. Indeed Google pays billions and billion of dollars to other companies so as to maintain its place as the default search engine giant on various platforms – including of course that of Apple’s iPhones. The Department of Justice also proceeded on to cite the firm’s requirement to load its very own apps on most Android devices – which of course cannot be later deleted.

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As “the gateway to the internet,” it has indeed been claimed by the DOJ that Google’s anti-competitive practices are illegal under the traditional antitrust principles. The department claimed that if the US takes upon itself to forego an antitrust lawsuit now, “we could miss the next big wave of technology innovation.”

Of course as one would have imagined, Google disagrees with the government’s lawsuit. The search engine giant called the complaint as being “deeply flawed that would do nothing to help consumers,” in its official statement. Further, it was said by the company that “People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to, or because they can’t find alternatives.”


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