Justice Isa Claims To Have No Hidden Property

Justice Isa Claims No Hidden Property

Justice Isa was recently put under questioning as his properties were investigated for tax avoidance. However, he has made clear that the properties were put in plain site and were never hidden. 

The very same names that are on their passports on which they travel to and from Pakistan dozens of times and which are available with the protocol officers of this court, the Interior Ministry and the FIA, His children were also adults and married and living with their respective spouses in the said two properties and both they and their respective spouses were gainfully employed in the UK, themselves paying all outgoings in respect of the properties and living independently

Regarding the Faizabad Dharna conflict, Justice Isa made clear that the parties involved made sure that they didn’t get called for questioning which would have unveiled a lot. 

It can be reasonably assumed, therefore, that the PTI and MQM’s review petitions against the Faizabad judgment were filed with the consent of their top leadership including the prime minister and the law minister

Back to his own case, He stated that there is no law against having property under the names of family members:

There is no violation of any money laundering laws either by the petitioner or by the non-dependent spouse and non-dependent adult-children of the petitioner. All such information was collected by violating several laws and through covert surveillance of the petitioner and his family by using unlawful means therefore, any opinion formed by the president (himself or on the advice of prime minister) on the basis of such unlawfully collected material is also tainted with illegality.

More important, however, is the fact that the chairman ARU and his ‘legal expert’ Barrister Nasim mention that they hired private investigators to track down the Petitioner’s children, go through their credit history, find out their past and present residences and dig out the names and details of all the persons who had resided in the properties owned by them over the last 10 years. It is submitted that if the Chairman ARU – a person with no legal authority whatsoever – can do this with the family of a Supreme Court judge and with impunity; we might as well write the epitaph of the independence of the judiciary today.


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