Justice Qazi Faez Isa of the Supreme Court on Thursday saw that neither the Constitution nor any law entitled appointed authorities or senior individuals from the military to get plots or parcels. 

“It is dull, yet needs repeating that judges are not engaged to make law; they essentially decipher it and if a law insults the Constitution they should strike it down,” watched Justice Isa in his extra note while putting aside the Sept 9, 2018 Islamabad High Court judgment which had rejected the national government’s lodging plan in segments F-14 and F-15 in Islamabad. 

While rejecting the plan, the high court had noticed that the recipients of these areas were serving or resigned officials and representatives of government services, divisions, joined offices, judges of the Supreme Court, every single high court, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Supreme Court and the Chief Court and Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan, just as the Federal Shariat Court. 

The Supreme Court decision reported in the open court on Thursday by a four-judge seat concerns a lodging venture dispatched by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation on the land obtained from local people. The seat headed by Justice Mushir Alam held that the land was legitimately obtained by the establishment. 

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However, Justice Isa in his extra note clarified that the Constitution and the law (official requests) didn’t entitle boss judges and judges of the better courts than get plots or land parcel. In like manner, he featured, the manual of ‘pay, benefits’ assembled the official requests, rules and notices with respect to the compensation, annuity and benefits of judges, however the manual additionally didn’t contain anything entitling boss judges and judges of the better courts than plots of land. 

“The autonomy of the legal executive is an important associative to guarantee its regard and validity according to the individuals, however the chief offering plots to judges comprises some help,” he said. 

Justice Isa saw that the Constitution decided the terms and states of administration of prevalent court judges and nothing could be deducted there from or included thereto, including that since the specified terms and conditions didn’t qualifies decided for get plots, they were not qualified for get plots from the establishment or out of any mandatorily procured land.


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