National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) and top administration of Karachi Electric (K-Electric) on Friday traded thorns at a formal proceeding on the progressing power emergency in the city. 

The vigorously went to online course was managed by Chairman Nepra, Tauseef H. Siddique. Bad habit Chairman Saif Ullah Chattha, Members Engineer Bahadar Khan, Rehmat Ullah Baloch, Rafique Ahmad Shaikh and different authorities were additionally present in the formal proceeding intended to decide the realities behind the current emergency. 

Clergyman for Energy Sindh, Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh, Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly, Firdus Shamim Naqvi, Aftab Siddiqui MNA Chief Executive Officer, KE, Moonis Alvi, CFO, Aamir Ghaziani and Aamir Zia, delegates of business network, Arif Bilwani, Javed Bilwani, Zubair Motiwala, and Moin Fuda likewise went to the online class from Karachi. 

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The Authority after nitty gritty consultations chose to shape a four-part advisory group of Nepra’s experts/specialists headed by Director General( Monitoring and Enforcement ) to visit Karachi quickly, lead further examinations on ground and present a point by point report to the Authority before the finish of one week from now, based on which the Authority will make further vital move. 

Prior, APTMA’s delegate Shahid Sattar said that Nepra ought to choose a chairman on KE as it has neglected to guarantee power gracefully according to the understanding. He contended that on one hand, gas has been separated to industry and on the other power is additionally not accessible. A couple of different interveners additionally recommended that the central government should assume responsibility for KE. 

The formal proceeding which began at 10:30am proceeded till 2pm during which on a few events, Chairman Nepra and CEO, K-Electric were seen contradicting one another. At one phase, Chairman Nepra communicated disturbance at CEO KE when he went to the washroom. He likewise took a genuine note when he was informed that CEO was on a call from Power Division. 

Practically all the members from Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad seriously reprimanded the force utility for neglecting to gracefully power to buyers. The issue of overbilling and burden shedding in top hours was the primary focal point of the formal proceeding. 

Giving clarification on flow power emergency, Moonis Avli said that considering the setback in heater oil flexibly as demonstrated by PSO through its letter on June 3, 2029 to deal with the resultant effect, KE mentioned SSGC to expand the gracefully of gas which was expanded to 290 MMCFD. He stated, the force utility had shared its heater oil necessity for June 2020 at 120,000 MTs well ahead of time yet flexibly stayed under 70,000 MTs. 

“Regardless of gracefully of heater oil being admirably underneath the necessary levels, increment in gas flexibly permitted KE to deal with the interest gracefully circumstance and downplay load the executives,” he included. 

Nonetheless, from June 22,2020 extra gas flexibly was diminished by 40 to 50 MMCFD alongside the proceeded with deficit in heater oil gracefully to KE and its IPPs (Gul Ahmed and Tapal Energy); and low accessibility of Wind Power Plants (WPPs) from national framework (150 MW) by virtue of low wind pressure affected the interest flexibly position. Accordingly, there was a deficit of around 350 MW to 400 MW and K-Electric had to do stack the board remembering for territories excluded from load-shedding to abstain from overburdening a specific shopper class though during the night hours, mechanical feeders were put under burden the executives to give alleviation to private fragments.


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