With the advancements of  science and technology, as the ways of meeting the issues of life are changing, the ways of corruption have also been changed.

As we can see the dacoits of the era of 4th industrial revolution are looting the world through digital devices while they are sitting in a room or the place they feel comfort, the other corrupt people are also not ignorant and they are also availing the opportunities as much possible.

K – electric, was a dream of Pakistanis to feel free but with this system availing the facility of electricity has turned its way and is becoming the cause of restlessness of the people as NEPRA ( National Electric Power Regulatory Authority ) left no stone unturned in its way of corruption.

Aziz Shahid, an IT Expert having citizenship of Karachi has disclosed the secret of smart  corruption of K- electric. The digital meters in Karachi have been imported from NUTS University and from a chinese company and both are controlled by a software.

While filing a case in Sindh High Court against NEPRA,  the IT Expert claimed that digital meters are being controlled by sim from the headquarters. Aziz Shahid also said that these meters are operated by mobile phones and remote system to enhance the number of used units. He added that these digital meters are causing over billing.

IT expert Aziz Shahid also termed that through the mobile phone and remote control system the used electric units are increased that’s why a family that does not use even a single unit has to pay thousands of Rupees a month and their meter show the usage of the a massive amount of units.

Through this software control system that is imported from NUTS university and a Chinese company corruption of 77 arab rupees had been made last month.

Sindh High Court has issued notice to NEPRA and demanded a detailed description of the issues that are causing over billing.

Aziz Shahid took notice of the corruption when he was out of his house and at his arrival back to home he found that the units of electric usage of 200 has been increased to 600.

Residents of Karachi are demanding an immediate end to the the digital meters.

 We go through a lot of stories a day and most of those are about corruption. But such kind of corruption makes us stunned and we are compelled to think ” if this is progress and such inventions can’t  make the people feel better and comfortable to use, in what way we can live a comfortable and easier life free of corruption.


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