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Karachi boy video goes viral

Karachi boy video goes viral. Talent is talent, whether it is demonstrated on play grounds in preparing food, on canvas or through coordinated movements like performing art. Mehroz Baig is one such instance. This young man from Karachi. His dancing moves has taken the Internet by storm and thousands of Pakistanis are falling in love with his killer moves.

While he was dancing his heart out at Dolmen Mall in Karachi’s Clifton area, he got captured on camera and Baig states that it was shot by someone; he was not aware of.

The boy who calls dance nothing but PURE GOLD is a student of media science and passionate about dance.  He regularly posts his amazing videos on social media and already has a YouTube channel with over 1,500 subscribers.

But after watching his talent in dance you will not deny my opinion that the number of subscribers for his YouTube channel does not justify his talent and we (being Pakistanis) should make others aware of his talents so that he reaches his deserved spot on Internet.

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Baig’s dance to the current year’s released song Laung Laachi attracted a huge number of people in the mall and now on the Internet. He impressed every one with loads of oomph and moves.

A few Comments

“Awesome really appreciate your guts haters gonna hate but u stopped everyone to watch your dance whether live or whether recorded”.

Another one writes,

“OMG! I’m totally in love with courage of this guy. Bravo,”

One of his viewers wrote,

‘‘Hahaha Gosh ur dance is so much amazing love ur expressions too hat off to you seriously mujhe aisa dare milta mein bagh jati,’’.

While a viewer makes a choice to salute this talented boy the other calls his moves ‘perfect’ and “far better than Lollywood film dancers”.


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