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Karachi Eat Stalls that are reinventing traditional dishes

With the change of a new year, a majority of the world is knee-deep in resolutions and trying to better themselves and their health. Pakistanis however, especially Karachiites, use this time of year to prepare for the biggest food festival of the year; Karachi Eat!

We know maneuvering through stalls and crowds is overwhelming, so we rounded up the best stalls that have reinvented classic dishes you must try out  

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  1. Hobnob Bakery

    Your favorite neighborhood bakery is innovating a new puff pastry product at KEF ’20! Debuting the ‘gourmet patties’, they are a twist on the traditional chicken patty we all know and have come to love. The patties will be getting live baked at the venue, and a little birdie told us the Sour Cream and Onion Patty is the one to try. Resembling a black taco, the pastry is filled with cheese and chicken and dipped into sour cream and decorated with spring onions – we’re salivating already. Go to stall A2 to check it out!

traditional dishes
  1. Burmese Bowls

    Known for their innovative take on Burmese cuisine, the eatery is reinventing the traditional samosas with its ‘KhaoSaMosa shot’. The homemade aloo samosa will be served alongside a coconut curry on a shot glass. Sounds delicious and we can’t wait to try it at Stall #34! 
traditional dishes
  1. Churriosity

    Have you ever heard of a hotdog in a churro? We definitely haven’t! Described as a savory churro, the ‘Hot Dog Churro’ is in a churro bun and holds a beef sausage topped with relish, mustard and cheese. Located at Stall #24, will this be one to try? Only time will tell.. 

traditional dishes
  1. Chipseez

    Straight out of a Spongebob episode, Chipseez is introducing a burger with buns have been dyed blue. The signature sliders have taken on a blue hue especially for Karachi Eat, will this taste any different than a regular burger? This is one stall where a visit is due. Find them at stall #5

traditional dishes
  1. Café Ujala

    Taking inspiration from the pâtissier, Dominique Ansel, Café Ujala has reinvented the classic chocolate chip cookie shot as an oreo cookie shot! What’s better than warm, vanilla infused milk and oreos? Absolutely nothing. We’ll be checking it out to satisfy our sweet tooth at Stall #94

Karachi Eat Stalls that are reinventing traditional dishes
  1. Tikyani

    Tikyani has combined two Pakistani staples, Biryani and Chicken Tikka and created the Tikka Biryani. Giving both dishes a desi twist, the tikka biryani is perfect for the biryani lovers that want a smokey tikka flavor in it!  Check them out at Stall #17

Karachi Eat Stalls that are reinventing traditional dishes

That’s our round up of the classic, innovative dishes coming to Karachi Eat this year! What will you be trying? Comment below! 


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