In a case that sent shockwaves through Karachi Defence neighborhood, the tragic murder of Ali Keerio, the son of a district and session judge, has reached its climax with recent developments pointing to Daniyal Mir Behr, the son of a retired police officer, as the prime suspect.

The incident, which occurred approximately two and a half months ago, has finally concluded after extensive examination and meticulous investigation by law enforcement authorities. The findings, now in the possession of senior officials, unveil a tale of shattered friendship and the grim aftermath that ensued.

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What exactly transpired? On that ill-fated day, Defence Phase V, Bangla No. 4/18 bore witness to a sequence of events that forever altered the lives of those involved. Ali Keerio, a promising young man, tragically fell victim to a fatal gunshot allegedly fired by Daniyal Mir Behr.

The chain of events leading to this tragic outcome began with Daniyal extending an invitation to his friend Shazia to his residence. Unbeknownst to them, what began as a seemingly ordinary gathering would soon spiral into chaos and tragedy.

As per reports, Daniyal and Shazia were in another room of the house when Daniyal ordered two burgers and cold drinks for them. However, when the servant brought the order, Ali Keerio intercepted it and proceeded to Ahmer’s room, where he consumed half of one burger.

Upon discovering this, Daniyal stormed out of the room and retrieved a rifle from the guard room. Despite attempts by his brother Ahmer to defuse the situation, Daniyal’s fury remained unabated. Following a heated exchange, Daniyal allegedly fired at Ali Keerio, inflicting severe chest injuries.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Daniyal and Ahmer rushed Ali Keerio to the hospital in their cousin’s car, but tragically, Ali Keerio succumbed to his wounds.

The investigative report squarely places accountability on Daniyal Mir Behr, the son of the retired police officer. It is pertinent to note that Daniyal Mir Behr, the primary suspect, is currently incarcerated, awaiting trial as the case unfolds in court.


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