Kashmir Issue Rekindled In General Assembly

kashmir issue

The communication boycott has reached its post 100 days and there seems to be everything cooling down with regards to people raising their voices about the human rights violation in Kashmir. The recent General Assembly session included parties from both sides urging that the matter be still given preference and that more should be done towards making sure that Pakistan is doing everything in its power to prevent the situation created by India. 

Kashmir Issue 100 days with no internet

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was the first to highlight the issue and urged not to ‘minimize efforts’:

When Pakistan’s efforts are minimised, you are being minimised and Pakistan’s stance is being weakened. Please, do not minimise what Pakistan has done. Yes, contribute and add to what we have done and if you have positive suggestions, God willing, we will incorporate them into our thinking. On this issue and on issues of national interest, we are open to input […] the input and the voice of this House do not weaken our hands but strengthen them

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PML-N Leader Ahsan Iqbal criticized the lack of intervention of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation on the matter of Kashmir Issue:

We don’t need a dead forum that cannot even call a session on [occupied] Kashmir…so that the world can know that this is a panic situation. Thirdly, envoys should be sent [to important capitals] immediately, send parliamentary delegations if you must, but rouse the world. If you don’t shake the world awake and tell them that this is a calamity, who will raise this issue?

The Kashmir Issue has received a lot of attention from Pakistan and with many countries verbally convincing India to ease down on the restrictions hasn’t worked at all which seems to be due to the financial power that India has and how Pakistan seems to be incomptitive towards it!


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