Kernel source code released for the 6T. Shortly after the announcement of their latest flagship phone, OnePlus made a move to release the kernel source code for their OnePlus 6T, just so developers would have the option to build ROMs and mods, so that such developers might have the chance to make the best out of the phone, and hence take full advantage of the handset at their disposal.

Found in a community forum post, the team from OnePlus went on to remind all the users of the tradition that goes by unlocking the bootloader and giving away the kernel source code. The post links some sort of legacy to such a move, reminding all the users that the process started with the OnePlus 3.

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And hence, the company looks set to move the legacy forward, and make sure that all of its users are kept happy. And if you’re amongst those developers who has a passion and love to tailor their smartphone in the manner liked by yourself, then the process is quite easy – just head over to GitHub, and get your very own kernel source code.


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