WhatsApp is an incredible free messaging application that allows you to send mixed-media messages, plus make voice and video calls, with your internet connection.

You can also download WhatsApp for your Desktop. It’s hugely convenient. You don’t need to keep getting your phone to reply to your messages, you can do everything from the comfort of your computer.

To make that process more better, you should use WhatsApp Desktop’s keyboard shortcuts. That’s why we’ve put together this list of all the shortcuts you need to know to become a WhatsApp Desktop pro.

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WhatsApp Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + NNew chat
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate new group chat
TabCycle focus/highlighted element
Shift + TabEmoji button
Ctrl + FSearch
Ctrl + Shift + [Previous chat
Ctrl + Shift + ]Next chat
Ctrl + EArchive chat
Ctrl + Shift + MMute chat
Ctrl + POpen your profile
Ctrl + =Increase font size
Ctrl + –Decrease font size
Ctrl + 0Default font size
*Message*Bold text
_Message_Italic text
~Message~Strikethrough text
“`Message“`Monospaced text
:TextSearch emojis relating to text
Ctrl + AHighlight your message
Ctrl + CCopy to clipboard
Ctrl + VPaste from clipboard
EscCancel action
Alt + F4Close WhatsApp

Make Voice and Video Calls With WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Desktop keeps on developing. You can even make voice and video calls with it, utilizing your computer’s microphone and webcam. In case you’re searching for messaging application that easily works across computer and mobile, then WhatsApp is for you.


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