The PTI government had a major blow, as IT minister and PTI’s major ally MQM’s leader Khalid Maqbool resigns from his post amid ‘unfulfillment’ of promises made to his party. Siddiqui, who was heading IT ministry resigned due to reported continues interference of former Google aspirant Dr. Tania Aidrus in his Ministry.

However, after the resignation Siddiqui, reports are coming that Aidrus has been interfering in his ministry’s affairs, following, MQM leader was ‘unhappy’ with the development. Tania Aidrus, who left Google for Pakistan, has been running PM Imran Khan’s digital Pakistan initiative.

Amid the intervention of Tania in the affairs of Khalid Maqbool, PTI, on the other hand rejected such claims and strongly sets aside any such idea.

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Contrary to PTI’s stance over the issue, sources say that the Minister was alienated in his affairs, moreover, Tania Aidrus has been running her own affairs, doing meetings with PM and other heads of institutions directly bypassing IT ministry. She also passed orders to the institutions coming under the umbrella of IT ministry. 

Shoaib Siddiqui, the secretary IT, repeatedly complained about the issue of Tania Aidrus meddling in the ministry’s affairs. The Minister, Khalid Maqbool was irked about the issue. He technically went powerless.

Moreover, the minister was under immense pressure from his circle and people to fulfill his promises. He was also under scrutiny from his voters over his performance in Karachi. He was frustrated about his powerlessness, as Tania Aidrus made life more difficult for him in the Ministry. 

He went completely hopeless at the end, ultimately forcing Khalid Maqbool resigns from his post. Following his resignation, efforts were made to draw him back by the Asad Umar and Jahangir Khan Tareen, which goes in vain and miserably failed, but in a joint presser the MQM convener made clear that his party is not withdrawing support from the government, but he will not accept any ministry anymore.


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