Kiddle is a great parenting tool and can help parents too much of an extent. Everyone uses the internet now, and everyone is benefiting from the many advantages it provides, while many of us are also exposed to the potential harms that the internet comes with. Kiddle is a website that ensures that your child is not exposed to any harmful content, or anything inappropriate. The site is designed to block profanity and other questionable words from search results. But some violent content can still be found depending on the search results, such as those on TV shows or hunters.

Factual results are provided with the searches related to alcohols and drugs, however, as stated previously, these are only fact-based, and do not at all promote the usage of such products.

Kiddle also comes with its fair share of controversy. Many of the users have assumed that the website comes fromĀ  Google since Google Safe Search is prominently mentioned, its privacy policy says the site is powered by Google custom search, however, it is important to note that there is no relation between Google and Kiddle.


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