Korea Becomes Next Victim Of Coronavirus

CoronaVirus Update

Coronavirus has been taking all of the news updates, and rightly so. Awareness regarding the spreading virus is important as it has already taken a lot of lives. Initially, the virus was contained in China, however, tourists and international students have also caught the virus which has led the virus to other countries on the account of it being extremely contagious. 

The latest victim is Korea as duty free shops in Korea have been a regular attraction for Chinese people on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. It all started with a 55 year old man being detected of the virus as he was brought in for a cold. This particular man was tested negative of the virus in Wuhan, China, where the virus is said to be concentrated. 

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The Korean stock also had a chained reaction and dropped quite a bit:

According to Forbes,

The numbers on Korea’s stock exchange told the story as the Korea Composite Stock Price Index, or KOSPI, fell by 3.09% on Tuesday—the first trading session after the four-day Lunar New Year holiday. ShinsegaeHotel Shilla and Lotte Shopping, all of which own duty-free shops, dropped by 12.07%, 10.31% and 7.31%, respectively.

South Korean President Moon Jae has informed the medical authorities to be on high alert and started with measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Mobile phones have been receiving regular emergency alerts to spread awareness of the virus. Extensive spraying is going on in airports.

In China, the virus has created a mass problem, with over 4000 reported cases of the virus with 100 people reported to be dead. With the amount of tourists and international students in China the possibility of the virus spreading increases and it is important to review the measures to take.


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