Korean Giants Samsung have launched the A20s in Pakistan

Korean Giants Samsung have launched the A20s in Pakistan
Korean Giants Samsung have launched the A20s in Pakistan

So Samsung have just unveiled the new Galaxy A20s phone series which is a new contemporary look with improved innovations. The phones will be packed with a versatile triple camera, an uninterrupted large infinity display and long-lasting battery life and this new smartphone device will include upgraded features which is what makes this phone a very attractive buy.

While talking about the new phone, the Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Roy Chang said that “The world is changing, and so are the ways we use our phones,” the world is progressing at a very fast rate and the consumers of this era demand innovation, creativity, and live content which is pretty much expected in the phones that these companies make in order to stay in line with the latest in technology and maintain there brand profile. With that in mind, Samsung have brought the premium-cutting-edge mobile technology within reach with a new edition to Galaxy A series.

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Furthermore the Samsung Galaxy A20s packs a very large 6.5-inch Infinity-V display which can be stretched from one edge to the other allowing you take your everyday experience from good to amazing. The new phone comes with a glossy back, which adds to the amazing look of the new device. In terms of specifics,the new phone comes with a triple camera setup with a 13MP Main Camera, 5MP Depth Camera, and 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera.The overall camera system will allow you to capture some very amazing pictures and hence will provide a pretty good photography experience. The 77-degree Wide angle and 120-degree Ultra-Wide angle will let you capture what you see, so you won’t miss the moment from where you stand.

The phone packs a powerful Octa-core processor alongside 3GB of RAM that should handle your graphics-heavy games and live streams with efficient speeds. The phone will be available in a 32GB of internal storage, which should give you ample amount of space to stream, download, and post with the new Galaxy A20s. Galaxy A20s’s 4,000 mAh battery and 15W Fast Charging technology ensure long battery life.Galaxy A20s is intuitively designed to make the hardware and software work in harmony, intuitively deliver content and features at your fingertips. The Interactive diagnostics and optimization on Samsung Members app makes it easier to tune up the performance of your devices. The new Galaxy A20s comes in black, blue and red— the choice is yours.


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