Korean pop band BTS taking a break to work on solo projects

Korean pop band BTS taking break to work on solo projects

BTS, the South Korean group that sparked a K-pop boom, will be taking a break to focus on their solo projects.

Band member RM spoke at the annual FESTA dinner to celebrate the group’s foundation. He said that he felt a need for exploration of his own work, and not the constant recording and performing of BTS.

K-pop and the idol system don’t allow you to mature. RM said, sitting at a table with six of his band members and speaking in Korean.

A video of the dinner was posted on the band’s official Twitter handle.

The English translation of the comments showed one member calling the break a hiatus. A representative of the band refuted this description in a statement. The statement stated that they were not on hiatus, but would take some time to explore solo projects and will continue to be active in different formats.

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BTS was founded in June 2013, and quickly became a global sensation thanks to its upbeat songs and social campaigns that empower young people. On Friday, the group released Proof, their new album.

BTS was the first Asian group to be awarded artist of the Year at the American Music Awards last year. In May, the group met with Joe Biden, US President, to discuss hate crimes against Asians.


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