KP launches AI-based school attendance system

KP launches AI-based school attendance system
KP launches AI-based school attendance system

It has been reported that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has installed artificial intelligence (AI) based cameras in schools to increase monitoring of live attendance of students and teachers due to an increase in complaints about the absence of teachers.

Zarif-ul-Mani, Managing Director (MD) of the Elementary Schools Education Foundation (ESEF), stated that with the AI-based attendance system installed in the foundation schools, educational quality will be maintained as well as students’ performance will be enhanced.

In addition, he explained how the School Management Information System (SMIS) is designed to ensure the accountability of scholarship funds to partners, the quality of the scholarship programs, and the ease of transferring funds.

Furthermore, he praised ESEF’s e-governance unit for redeveloping this initiative where previously it had been neglected due to a lack of management, and praised its efforts in redeveloping it.

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In addition to decreasing dropout rates, the project would also ensure that classes begin on time and that all faculty members are present for classes.

It has already been decided by the Sindh government that it will take strict action against teachers who are involved in collecting their salaries while sitting at home and not performing their duties and responsibilities.

It has been reported that over 2,000 ghost teachers have been blocked from receiving their salaries across the province when they applied for them.

There has been a decision to cease the salaries of 2,019 ghost teachers in Sindh. Speaking about the decision, Education Secretary Sindh, Akbar Laghari, stated that they have written a letter to the Auditor General of Sindh (AG) in order to stop the salaries.

Furthermore, he asserted that the department would terminate the ghost teachers and would go to any length in order to ensure that teachers would attend school when they are scheduled to do so.


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