The fact that for the first time a local government hospital carried out a successful surgery of a cancer patient without the need of anesthesia is proof of the fact that there are positive changes towards treatment facilities, as well as technology, in Pakistan.

The team of neurosurgeons that went on to carry out the operation was headed by Dr. Rizwan Masood Butt, and the team successfully managed to remove more than 90 percent of the tumor which was resigning inside the brain of the patient. The surgery was indeed held at the Lahore general hospital, as reported by the local media.

The patient, who goes by the name of Dilawar, is forty, and, according to the details, he visited the hospital just two weeks ago, complaining about a headache, with the doctors not only successfully diagnosing him, but also eventually successfully treating him.

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Dr. Rizwan explained the complex surgery in simple enough words, stating that the tumor was removed by making the effective part of the brain insensitive temporarily, and this was done using local anesthesia. The surgeon went to provide further reassurance to the patient and his family after stating that the patient will be good enough to be discharged within five days.

So what exactly is local anesthesia? Well, it is any technique used to induce the absence of sensation in a specific area of the body, and this is actually generally done to carry out the induction of local analgesia, which is the local insensitivity to pain, however, it is possible that other local senses may too be affected.

In the past, the healthcare sector of Pakistan has more often than not been criticized for not being able to satisfy the needs of people, however, the fact that such a complex surgery was completed with such smoothness is proof of the fact that things are looking up for the Healthcare sector based in Pakistan.


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