Lahore: Are you ready to fly over in plane with Careem?

Lahore: Are you ready to fly over in plane with Careem?

Careem just bangs out in recent times by introducing some exciting and eye-catching campaigns in the earlier period. From playing Ludo Star with their customers on Twitter to offering Rishta Aunties, they have done it every part of it.

Yet, it looks like they are not out of ideas as their most recent campaign point out.
Today Careem has launched a new-fangled campaign, dubbed #TakeOff. You perhaps weren’t expecting a bit associated to an airplane from Careem, but yes! they had just that idea in wits.

Now, next question should be that what does the #TakeOff campaign offers? Do you think that it is an airline service? Well, the answer is No. what the #TakeOff campaign provide is an air safari ride for customers to book right from your Careem application.

Customers will be capable to reserve air safaris for themselves or their families and friends right from the comfort of their home.

I had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming while watching the teaser which Careem just released with an airplane in it. Well, for your surety you need to watch it twice.

Careem Pakistan is partnering and signing an MOU with the Ultralight & Sports Flying Club (USFC), Lahore, and offering you an opportunity to book a trip in an airplane and experience Lahore from the clouds.

The ride is assured to end 13 to 15 minutes and is cost at a reasonable price PKR 5600 per ride. What else, you can take a partner with you, perhaps your best friend. For two people PKR 5600 is most likely the inexpensive air travel will ever be.

The procedure is quite easy. You just need to Select Car Type ‘Careem Air’ and make a ‘Later’ booking. If you’re fortunate, you will get a call from Careem for verification, and then all you will need to do is wait for your free of charge ride to the site or venue.

Of course, in view of the fact that the skies are much more fickle than the road, USFC and Careem hold the right to amend or cancel rides on the description of critical and unfavorable weather and security conditions.

In the past, by assessing the user’s demand have risen in Lahore; an initiative was also taken by Careem called ‘Economy Cars’ gives you an inexpensive ride on an economy car. Careem’s ‘Economy Cars’ service offers you about 25-30% cheaper ride than business ride.



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