Startup Weekend Lahore is an underway at LUMS. After they held a very successful event in March this year, Startup Weekend is back to the spotlight again. The event is being held by LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship and ILM Ideas 2.

Yesterday, all participants pitched their ideas to an enthusiastic crowd. Here’s an overview of the shortlisted ideas:

1.   SS Gamification/Games Ed- idea of building games to enhance the students interest and concepts to!

2.   Deeqa/School Evaluation and Quality Assurance- automating the process by making a software for school evaluation and education improvement.

3.   Salsabeel- Presented by KhurramSarwar, Salsabeel will provide a structural road map for creating self-awareness and strengths.

4.   Pakistan Research Database- aims to create a database that can archive the thesis and research papers of graduate students.

5.   Android Study App- an app for study purposes i.e. sharing pdf, slides, audio, and video lectures.

6.   Careerfellow- helps people in deciding what career to opt.

7.   Ilmistan- it is a learning platform and a training center for the teachers of rural areas.

8.   Keep Schools Safe- it aims to keep schools open in case of natural disasters too!

9.   Robotics For Kids- aims to promote knowledge of robotics among students.

10.       IlmKaGulshan- aims to teach imams.

11.       Resource Management in Education- aims to develop and modify a framework of education.

12.       E-Taleem- connects students online through an app who wish to study together.

13.       TaleemYafta- a platform where students can raise their problems.

14.       Book City/BBE- promotes buying and selling of books.

15.       Educare/Jugnu – The Enlighten Learners- aims to make students from lowincome backgrounds to promote their ideas.

16.       Mindful Schools/Peaceful Minds- helps to decrease the stress level of students

17.       The First Step/Transgender Schooling- aim to set up schools so that transgender can get an education too.


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