The recent directive from Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi underscores the gravity of the situation arising from an alarming increase in road accidents involving underage drivers. The trigger for this crackdown was a devastating incident in Lahore’s Defence Phase 7, where a family returning home after visiting relatives met with a fatal collision. The responsible party, a teenage boy named Afnan Shafqat, intentionally crashed into their vehicle, resulting in irreparable consequences.

Crackdown on Underage Drivers

Over a span of four days, the Lahore traffic police took swift action, apprehending a staggering 1,632 underage drivers. Each of these individuals now faces legal consequences, with cases filed against them. This proactive approach aims not only to address the immediate issue but also to send a clear message about the severity of underage driving.

Accountability Measures

Simultaneously, the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore issued show cause notices to six sector in-charges. These notices highlight concerns about the effectiveness of enforcement during the crackdowns. Accountability measures within the law enforcement agencies are crucial to ensuring that such initiatives yield the desired results.


Background of the Tragic Incident

The tragic car accident in Lahore’s Defence Phase 7 serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of underage driving. A family’s joyous visit to relatives turned into a nightmare near a roundabout when Afnan Shafqat, a teenage boy, intentionally crashed into their vehicle. The incident not only resulted in loss of life but also raised questions about the adequacy of existing measures to curb underage driving.

Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister’s Orders

Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi’s order for a province-wide crackdown on underage drivers reflects a commitment to addressing this pressing issue. Emphasizing the need for impartial and stringent actions, Naqvi has called upon law enforcement authorities, including the Inspector General (IG) Punjab, Chief Commissioner of Police (CCPO), and all Regional Police Officers (RPOs), to provide daily reports on measures taken against underage drivers.

Responsibility of Law Enforcement Authorities

The directive places a significant responsibility on law enforcement authorities to actively engage in the prevention of underage driving. The daily reporting requirement ensures transparency and accountability, fostering a proactive approach to curb this menace on the roads.

Dangers Posed by Underage Drivers

Mohsin Naqvi, while addressing the need for stringent actions, highlighted the dangers posed by underage drivers. Not only do they risk their own lives, but they also endanger the safety of others on the road. Naqvi’s call to parents to refrain from allowing their underage children to operate vehicles or motorcycles echoes the broader societal responsibility in curbing this issue.

Community Impact

The tragic car accident in Lahore’s Defence Phase 7 has left a lasting impact on the local community. The loss of six lives has sparked public sentiment, creating a demand for decisive action against underage driving. The crackdown initiated by the Lahore traffic police is a step towards meeting this demand.

Enforcement Challenges

However, enforcing restrictions on underage driving comes with its challenges. From identification to enforcement, law enforcement agencies face hurdles in ensuring comprehensive coverage. Addressing these challenges is crucial to the sustained success of initiatives like the recent crackdown.

Educational Initiatives

Beyond punitive measures, there is a need for educational initiatives that focus on preventing underage driving. Collaborative efforts between authorities and educational institutions can play a pivotal role in shaping responsible driving behavior from an early age.

Legal Consequences for Underage Drivers

Understanding the legal consequences faced by underage drivers is essential. Penalties should not only act as deterrents but also as educational tools to impart a sense of responsibility. A comprehensive legal framework is necessary to address the complexities of underage driving.

Advocacy for Stricter Regulations

The current situation calls for a reevaluation of existing regulations. Advocacy for stricter policies, drawing inspiration from successful models in other regions, can contribute to a more robust framework for preventing underage driving.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Creating awareness is a key element in preventing underage driving. Public awareness campaigns, utilizing various media channels and influencers, can educate parents, guardians, and the community at large. Spreading the message about the dangers and consequences of underage driving is essential for long-term change.

Collaboration with Traffic Safety Organizations

Collaboration with traffic safety organizations can provide valuable insights and support in developing effective strategies. Sharing best practices and experiences can enhance the overall approach to preventing underage driving.


In conclusion, the crackdown on underage driving by the Lahore traffic police is a commendable initiative in response to a tragic incident. It highlights the need for a multi-faceted approach, including strict enforcement, educational initiatives, and collaboration with stakeholders. It is a call to action for a collective effort to ensure safer roads for everyone.


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