In the realm of modernization, it’s time to merge with new norms and civilization of latest technologies. In Pakistan, the Softec is the name of biggest competitions that comprises upon the digitalized version of the modern world. These competitions held under the supervision of FAST- national University management.

            Softec had been successfully launched for last 21 years in Lahore. In which, all the cream of information technology either related to firms or universities are participated to show their abilities and sensibilities with accordance to the latest technology that revolves around the world.

            This two days nourished festivity of science and innovation brings top-ranked names related to information technology industry and upcoming new faces. In the glimpse of past, these established activities are caused by the modern development and considered a source of attention of foreign institutes related to information technology field. Also helpful for placing the scholarship at the broader level. And gives a chance to new generations for their mental development.

            This time the competition took place on the 11thand12thmarch, 2017. The last of submission with extending is 5th of March. The largest Grand prize money in this competition is about 8 lakh rupees. There are several activities related to science and technology formed in different ways.

            Bilal Hashmi programming competition, App development competition, Robo Rumble, Gaming competition, Graphic designing competition and software and Engineering project competition and many more fruitful activities that produce the technology sense in the context of our country representations.

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