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Lamborghini new found popularity in Pakistan

Owning luxury cars in Pakistan is not a privelage enjoyed by all members of society..An 18k gold foil Lamborghini Aventador S arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan last week and it is still the talk of the town on social media in the country.

This luxury car was imported from the United Kingdom and cost the owner Rs185 million, including import customs duties and taxes of over 100 million, as stated in a report published by The News International, a Pakistan-based newspaper.

The car belongs to Kunwar Moeez Khan, a property tycoon, who shared pictures of his prized posession on his Facebook page.

The owner was quoted as saying by multiple Pakistani news outlets: “More than hundred million rupees has been paid to the government as duty/taxes on this car. It has been imported… from the UK.”

He posted a video of the car arriving at the port and being unveiled. Multiple Facebook users tagged their friends on his pictures and videos and asked them to take a look at the luxury vehicle. There was a tremendous reaction on the social media regarding his new purchase.People congratulated the owner and posted quirky questions about what his next vehicle will be.

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Muhammad Haris Yasin posted: “Allah bless you and your family. My prayers are always with you.”

  1. Azam Ali Haroon posted: “I want to drive this. If I fit in.”

Syed Osaid Shah asked: “When is the Ferrari coming?”

The vehicle has a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine, as stated by the company’s official website

The car has also topped the list of google searches in Pakistan with people being more and more curious to find out the new features in this car. However the reality remains that very few people can actually buy the car and the purchases in Pakistan would be limited as a result.

Furthermore imports will be further made difficult due the presence of such harsh tariffs by the government. Pakistan however has to eventually chamge its import laws bto cater to an increasing market of luxury cars in Pakistan. This trend has especially gained pace among the upper class and Pakistan’s politically backed Nouveaux rich to show off luxury cars as a matter of class superiority.

To coclude business in this sector will remain increasing and even booming in the time to come. And the government must shift its attitude to regulating and subsidizing the local motor industry rather than simply taxing the imported cars heavily.


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