Latest Beta update for Apple music

Latest Beta update for Apple music
Latest Beta update for Apple music

Apple has made a habit of constantly trying to improve its music app, and the company has proven this again, as it has yet again brought another feature to the app. The latest beta update for Apple music includes support for Android Tablet. As far as the Android users, who happen to beta test Apple Music are concerned, they will receive version 2.7 of the famous music app.

The latest beta update will bring about a certain amount of changes, and these go on to include the likes of performance improvements for images, performance improvements for audio playback, the usual removal of bugs, which comes around with every update it would seem, and finally, the most major one – support for Android tablets.

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Apple has also gone on to offer a free trial, which would span for three months – for its music app, and this free trial would also be available to the android users. The public version of the app is available for free download from the Google Play Store, and as the free trial would come to a halt, it would cost you a mere sum of $9.99 per month so you could continue your subscription. Good news come for students though, as they would have to pay only $4.99 per month for their subscription. For a family subscription, it will cost $14.99 monthly – for up to six lines.

Just recently, Spotify happened to have launched the Standalone App for the Apple watch. Apple users will have the eligibility of this on their wearable device over the course of the coming weeks. As a short testing period comes to a halt, Spotify’s new app tailor made for the Apple watch should go on to offer all the users the ability to seamlessly access, and have the control of music on the go.


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