In a recent operation, Pakistan Customs officials successfully foiled an attempt to smuggle various models of iPhones into the country at Karachi airports. This incident sheds light on a growing issue of illegal smartphone smuggling through unsuspecting travelers.

Umrah Pilgrims Used as Unwitting Couriers

The authorities became aware of the smuggling attempt when they examined Umrah pilgrims who had just landed at the Jinnah International Airport. To their surprise, they discovered 51 handsets concealed among the pilgrims’ possessions.

A Haul of High-End iPhones

Among the seized iPhones, there were 25 iPhone 15 Pro Max, 12 iPhone 14 Pro Max, and 14 iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. The estimated value of this haul of mobile phones stands at an astonishing Rs27.4 million.

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Dodging Duty Taxes: The Smugglers’ Motive

It was evident that the smugglers had devised an elaborate plan to evade paying Rs8.8 million in duty taxes by illegally bringing these valuable smartphones into Pakistan. They had lured unsuspecting pilgrims into this illicit operation.

Pilgrims Deceived with False Promises

Authorities found iPhone boxes hidden in pilgrims’ luggage, exposing tactics used by organized groups. They lure pilgrims with offers of cheap airfare and money, exploiting their trust for smuggling. This incident underscores the importance of strong border security to combat illegal activities and safeguard customs integrity.


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