The latest addition to Sony’s console legacy in the Sony Playstation 5(Ps5) has been hit by a bug which goes on to prevent a smooth download for both apps as well as games. Indeed the download glitch is reflected in the prompt “Queued for Download” or error state whenever a user wants to make a download. And for now, the only temporary fix comes by resetting the console to factory settings.

The glitch has in fact been experienced by a rather large number of users and it has been reported that it actually occurs when the latest console gets set for its first download. It has been reported that the error stems either from the download itself, or the game or indeed the app that is chosen by the user for download. The reasoning behind the showing of the message comes either from these three possibilities and the message which is showed is : Queued for download. Both the notifications actually give a prompt to check the downloads menu – which in its own right remains to be empty.

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As a result of the fallout of this download glitch, it has been said that the console becomes annoyingly stuck and subject to temporary demobilization with respect to the download. A check on the Ps5 library will go on and show that the user owns either the game or the app in question, while the Ps5 store would say that the user is yet to purchase the app or the game.

Some of the rather popular games which have been affected due to these download glitches include the likes of Godfall, Spiderman, Demon’s Souls, Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War, and the Disney+ app as well, amongst other things.

For now, the reports that have come forward thus far have proceeded on to suggest that the glitches only go on and affect the games and apps specific to the Ps5.

Also, Sony has not released any statement as of now with regards to the issue. But Activision publisher of Call of Duty has gone on to suggest a factory reset for any user that encounters this particular bug – as it has already solved the problem for many users.


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