Latest Tweet by Rabi Pirzada

Latest Tweet by Rabi Pirzada
Latest Tweet by Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Pirzada the latest in line to criticism after some private videos and pictures of her leaked online has taken to Twitter to announce that she had decided to end her Showbiz Career. The actress was under fire after some very intimate pictures of her were leaked by an anonymous source on the Internet. The social media world did not like what they saw and heavily criticised the pop artist and TV show host. On top of that she was also subject to hatred by the social media world and has since then been brutally targeted by the words of the social media audience.

Rabi Pirzada stated on Twitter that “ I, Rabi Pirzada, am quitting showbiz. May Allah forgive my sins and soften the hearts of people in my favour.”. Moreover, the videos and pictures leaked last week and Rabi had since then filed a complaint over the issue with the Federal Investigation Agency.

On top of that she also sought action against those who were involved in the privacy breach.

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Pirzada further told the Independent Urdu that she had lodged a complaint to the cyber crime unit of FIA. She formally asked the agency to help her stop  the spread of her leaked videos and pictures and asked the agency to take action against any person or online forum sharing the videos and pictures.

In that regard the deputy director of the agency’s cyber crime unit, Mr. Sarfaraz Chaudhry, talked with the publication and said that FIA has written a letter to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in this regard to report any spread of the video and to take action against anyone who is involved in spreading those private pictures and videos.

He said that the agency has removed the pictures and videos from several platforms so far and also blocked several accounts in that regard in a bid to somewhat control the situation. No one knows why Rabi would be involved in such matters, but the fact of the matter is that this is without a doubt a privacy breach and the best thing we can do as citizens is to stay away from spreading these private videos.


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