With the rapid growth in the television industry in Pakistan, a lot of people have started making money out of illegal and unethical means;  wide range of fake TV’s and LED’s are being sold to innocent customers. Recently, LAW  ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES raided ‘Peshawar Electronics’ in Gujranwala and confiscated TV’s and LED’s ranging from the sizes between 40 to 60 inches, and another raid at ‘M.W Electronics in Daroghawala, Lahore. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES has all the necessary arrangements to conduct raids on any crimes against infringement of copy rights and deceiving customers, in Karachi, Multan, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi.

These fake TV’s and LED’s are basically a counterfeit product manufactured with spare parts and local machinery, sold on famous brand names without the permission of the intellectual property owner. These fake LED’s and TV’s are sold in low prices, as they don’t pay the cost of producing a genuine television or pay the applicable taxes duties attached. This act has become easier to do in Pakistan due to weak regulatory controls, therefore these fake TV’s and LED’s are entering the market, and are sold to innocent customers.

The trends and consumer preferences in the Television industry has transformed over the years. The launch of cutting-edge features and technologies like the Smart TV, bendable LED’s etc. have added great value to this market, and it continues to expand. Analyst’s state that more than 40 – 50 percent price difference is found between the brands manufactured TV’s and LED’s and the fake ones. The innocent customers find the price attractive, and think they’re buying genuine used TV’s where they are given the fake TV’s.

These products can be seriously harmful since in case, the product malfunctions, the customers have no legal ground to claim any damages against such deceitful traders, since the brands don’t accommodate such TV’s. The retailers and consumer are requested to only buy official products by the company’s authorized shops. The Consumer Rights activists and authorities should raise their voices on this disgraceful act of selling fake TV’s and LED’s and punish all the people involved in this horrendous, unethical act.


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