Motorola has been part of the category which has not caught the eye of every single customers but there are still Motorola faithful’s present who buy them. Over the past few years, Motorola has been releasing phones that aren’t as exciting but get a high rating in durability and reliability. The designs have been primarily been the same old boring glass on glass design with a circular camera cut out.

However, it all seems to be changing with the latest renders. The renders appear to show a Motorola device with a quad rear camera. However, it’s unknown what device it could possibly be.The most recent Motorola devices are the series of Motorola Moto G7 smartphones. Those devices are budget-oriented, though. The most recent flagship from Motorola is the Motorola Moto Z3, with the Moto Z showing up a few weeks ago.

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So, what is this device then? It’s not a Z-series device because it doesn’t look like it will support Moto Mods, and it’s not a G-series device because the quad camera suggests a flagship phone, not a budget phone.It could be a part of the X-series, although rumors abound that Motorola is phasing that line out. Therefore, it’s totally possible these renders depict a smartphone from a new Motorola line we haven’t heard about yet.Regardless, the phone looks really nice (if you can ignore the huge, ugly Motorola logo on the front). There’s a waterdrop notch at the top of the 6.2-inch display, a headphone jack at the bottom of the device, and a sleek, brushed-aluminium finish that looks nice and premium. There’s also no fingerprint sensor on the front or the back, suggesting an in-display fingerprint sensor (which we also expect on the upcoming Moto Z4).

Consequently, these renders will be a breath of fresh air for those waiting for a new device from Motorola.


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