Leaks The upgraded version of Galaxy S9 to feature 6.3″ display. Samsung is working on a mysterious phone that may have even bigger screen than Apple’s iPhone X and the phone is also believed to be an upgraded version of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S9 that features more powerful hardware.

According to a top mobile tipster, mysterious “SM-G8850″ blower could feature a massive 6.3” screen. Point to be noted here is that  Samsung typically reserves “SM-G” model numbers for Galaxy S phones which is the flagship handset range of the company.

Remember that the current Galaxy S9 only has a 5.8″ display, while the larger Galaxy S9+ is 6.2″, and this hotly rumoured smartphone under discussion is expected to bring 6.3″ display.

So, it is absolute that the next handset of Samsung will be much bigger than both the iPhone 8 Plus (5.5″) and the pricey iPhone X (5.8″).

The upgraded version of Galaxy S9 is expected to come with several new and improved features as the phone is expected to feature a new dual-camera setup on the back. This feature was not offered with the standard Galaxy S9.

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Manufacturers started to focus on bigger displays because the users like these displays to enjoy movies and play games. The trend of bigger screens has also become an aspect of fashion world and youth is especially attracted to these screens.

About 5 years ago, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 measured just 4.8″, while Apple’s iPhone 5 was even smaller at only 4″, but these were the bigger display phones of that time and these screens continued to ballooning and this latest leak I a a proof that the trend isn’t stopping any time soon.

Ice Universe, a prominent leaker of mobile industry news has brought this leak. The leaker has previously revealed the design for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, and exposed early images of the Galaxy S8, as well as foretold of the Galaxy S9’s specs ahead of launch.

Through a tweet, Ice Universe cited a recent report about the upcoming S9 device, which claimed a 5.8″ screen, and said: “Staff’s mistakes, all parameters regarding it are wrong, it is 6.3”.

Though we have no way to confirm the news, it is believable because the leaker is trustworthy.


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