The leather assets of Pakistan are famous worldwide. There have been many past startup plans taken by Pakistan on the international platform of kick-starter.Rockdove is one other startup platform offering the same purpose of leather assets. It offers a wide range of products tote, briefcase, wallet, clutch wallet, traveler’s wallet, a camera sling and a baggage tag.These products already have a built-in Bluetooth chip in them. It can connect with your smartphones and allows you to keep a track record of the product.

In case if the product gets misplaced this feature allows you to easily detect its location and its safety to. The range of the Bluetooth device is in between 100 meters.The chips of the deceive can also be charged by using a portable charger.The product comes in five basic colors; ochre, nectarine, roast, charcoal, and cerulean. You can purchase one of your products from a price range of £18 -£199.

“I tend to misplace my wallet and keys, a lot, and every time that happens I wish I could just track them using my phone. And so we thought, why not? We decided to develop a range of leather products that one could track, but we wanted to do so using the best possible materials, whilst keeping the design classic and the entire proposition environmentally friendly.” He adds “We are proud to say that 60% of the electronics we use in our products are sourced from certified recycled components, which results in the reduction of electronic waste in the world and has a positive impact on the environment.”said Ammar Jangbarwala.


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