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Lebanese Company Gets The License to Revolutionize Lahore By 2050

The Lebanese company, Darul Handsa, has been chosen to build up the ‘Ground breaking strategy 2050 for Lahore’ following the assessment of specialized proposition by three companys. 

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director-General, Ahmed Aziz Tarar, led a gathering of the specialist choice council for the planning of another all-inclusive strategy for the common capital in which a financial offer of Rs. 520 million for the passing company was opened. 

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As indicated by the Director-General, the readiness of the new end-all strategy in a straightforward way is of main concern as it will decide the future course of the advancement of Lahore. 

Furthermore, specialists and significant partners have been counseled for the meaning of the Terms of Reference (TOR). 

The LDA Chief Metropolitan Planner Syed Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar Zaidi, the Director Metropolitan Planning Faisal Qureshi, Water Specialist Muhammad Riaz, Chairman City and the Regional Planning Department Engineering University Lahore Dr. Shakir, the delegates of the Planning and Development Department and the Finance Department, TOR Committee individuals Engineer Akbar and Kami, and the agents of the three global companys – Darul Handsa from Lebanon, Mine Heart from Singapore, and Nespak from Pakistan – additionally went to the gathering.


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