In a significant move to regulate and enhance public transportation, the Punjab provincial cabinet, led by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, has approved notable amendments to the 1969 Motor Vehicles Rules. This decision, made during the 34th cabinet meeting, represents a crucial step in officially recognizing motorcycle rickshaws, commonly known as Qingqi rickshaws, as a legitimate mode of transport, reversing a recent provincial ban on their operation.

Under the revised rules, Qingqi rickshaws will now be categorized as three-wheelers. This reclassification sets the stage for a more organized and formalized approach to their operation. The regional transport authority has been assigned as the special registration authority responsible for the temporary registration of existing Qingqi rickshaws.

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After temporary registration, these rickshaws will undergo specific modifications in size and design during a four-month period. Upon completion of these modifications and the issuance of a fitness certificate, the rickshaws will be eligible to receive a registration number from the excise department. The Chief Minister stressed the importance of streamlining this registration process and requested that the forms be made available in Urdu for wider accessibility.

In addition to the changes related to Qingqi rickshaws, the cabinet meeting also addressed various other significant issues. This included the permanent fortification of infrastructure for 18 major roads, with toll revenue allocated for their maintenance. Additionally, plans were discussed for the establishment of a nursing college in Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital, Muzaffargarh, and the conversion of the 180-bed Rehmatul Lil Alameen block into the Sahiwal Institute of Cardiology.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister unveiled an online learning driving license app, emphasizing its convenience and ease for applicants. He also laid the foundation stone for the reconstruction project of Lady Willingdon Hospital, underscoring the government’s commitment to improving healthcare facilities.


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