It’s difficult to trust given its place ever, however, the first Xbox was just truly around for a long time. That is not long in console terms, but rather as we as a whole found, when it went to Microsoft’s first console the attention was on quality, not amount.

Utilizing the console’s hard drive and online capacities, the Xbox burst onto the scene in November 2001 with one of the best dispatch games ever (Halo), and left us with an entire scope of series (in fact, a large number of them now tragically no more) that helped drive the brand well into the Xbox 360 time.

Underneath you’ll discover a rundown of what we consider the best Xbox games. Huge numbers of these are accessible in 2017 either as computerized downloads for the Xbox One or as PC games, so on the off chance that you’ve thought about any of them, you could do more terrible things than look at them.


Initially a technique amusement for the Mac, Halo wound up the first-individual shooter on a Microsoft console. Not exclusively is it hailed as one of the best dispatch titles ever, however, it’s to a great extent in charge of demonstrating that first-individual shooters couldn’t simply deal with a console, yet exceed expectations.



A flawlessness of the arrangement’s equation before it blew itself out into an open-world diversion, Burnout 3 stays about as quick and as irate as driving games get. It was presumably justified regardless of the cost of confirmation for crash mode alone.

the 6 legendary games of Xbox of all times


Some portion of the “Dreamcast 2” development, this is not in the same class as the first form of the diversion. Truly, it influenced a few upgrades (to like expelling some punishing time limits), yet the entire thing learns about more washed and conditioned down than the Jet Set Radio showing up on Sega’s console. Which is to state this is simply the second-best form of one of the freshest and most unique computer games at any point made.


There’s a contention this is the best Splinter Cell diversion, and it’s a decent one. Its singleplayer struck a flawless harmony between the over the top stealth of prior games and the battle overwhelming disorder seen later on, while its multiplayer modes—its community crusade particularly remain the highest quality level even after 10 years.

the 6 legendary games of Xbox of all times


Hardly any games better exhibited the bay in execution between the Xbox and PS2 than KOTOR, a diversion Bioware essentially said they couldn’t do on Sony’s console. Not exclusively was it a specialized wonder for the time, yet it helped that it’s a mind-blowing RPG, and a standout amongst the most valid Star Wars encounters to boot.



It was the best GTA diversion on the PS2 and (after a long deferral) wound up the best GTA amusement on the Xbox also. Its soundtrack is a blessing to computer games.

the 6 legendary games of Xbox of all times


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