Kids, to say the least, want to enter the world of social media, but what they might find on such websites is a cause of concern for the parents. But, this will not be a worry for parents anymore, as Lego World has just launched a social media network, with children in mind, and this network is not just available on Android, but also iOS.

The network, or the app, whatever you want to call it, is called Lego Life, and it is particularly dedicated to everything Lego, designed to meet the minds of children of years 13 or younger. Children will have the complete freedom to share the photos of their creations, all done from home, and other will be able to comment on the photos, with the usage of the custom Lego emoji.

All the content that is present on the website is very closely monitored, being handled in a safe and private manner. No child using the network will be asked about their personal information like their photos, or where they reside. All the users will be initially assigned a name, which would be completely random, and this will be generated from the usage of three words. Editing your own personal avatar would not be a problem at all, and comments on the site will be monitored and checked before each and every post finds its way online.

Not only videos but also photos can be uploaded, with the simple condition being that there is no presence of people in them; consisting just of lego. Users will also be able to follow their favorite creators, just like on any other social media website, and will be sent regular updates, whenever the user they follow uploads or comments.

This is very useful and safe platform for children where they can share their social activities.


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