Lenovo got the best laptop brand title in latest laptop brand rankings. No matter you’re purchasing a $1,500 gaming laptop or a $200 Chromebook, the brand always matters. Sometimes you prefer design, sometimes software and sometimes innovation but one thing that every user looks for in laptops, is the quality which comes with a brand tag.

In this regard, each year Laptop Mag comes out with a list of the best laptop brands in the world, and each year it surprises us.

For 2018, the latest laptop rankings have been released and Lenovo got the first place and still dominating the market, lagging behind Apple which has fallen in rankings. This year’s list features a few twists too however Lenovo still dominated the market.

Lenovo retained its place for a row in second year as the best laptop vendor, however it just slightly edged out second-place HP and third-place Dell.

Shockingly, , Apple On the other hand which once used to dominate this contest, get down to the seventh place, even it was at fifth position last year.

The laptops are ranked on the base of their support, design, innovation, value/selection and, most of all, product quality.

Talking about grades, the ranking of the world’s 10 best laptop brands were graded based on scores from five areas so out of 100 these were the divisions for five different areas:

  • 40 marks for reviews
  • 15 marks for design
  • 20 marks for support and warranty
  • 10 marks for innovation
  • 15 marks for value and selection

Lenovo topped the chart with getting an overall good score of 86 out of 100. It got almost perfect scores in reviews and value due to its X1 Carbon being the only laptop with an ideal score last year. However, it lacked on the side of support and warranty, scoring only 14. And, this allowed HP to seal the gap with its second place, getting 85 score. Dell followed scoring 82.

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This time, Microsoft got bright spot by jumping from 10th to 6th due to its innovation in the surface line.

However, For Apple it was a particularly insulting remark that getting only 3 score for innovation and with value scoring 6. Well, It had the best support at 19, the only bright spot for it.


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